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To create a new board game

The new game company can be a simple idea. You can, for example, a game where you as a standard, and the auditor, to move on the chessboard, and the number of seats, the number of berths.

They decide that they will crash the game in which you define the chip to block your opponent. Each player has a color of 32 characters.

Penny Nickel and good characters, if it is not so smooth. Craft foam is a good alternative. You can a few pieces of craft foam in the trading business in two colors, as well as to reduce the 32 square inch sheet of each sign.

For the game, the two ladies on the corner opposite direction, and place them on the board. The headquarters of the two players from each side of the table. Each player is the next inspection of his or her. Each player has 32 characters, so that each player has its own color. Enter the names of players, led by a sheet of paper in the match sheet.

The first player who moves to check functions and horizontally or vertically (not diagonally) in a straight line, the number of spaces rolled. It has a chip on the way to the goal. The second player from his listeners, the same number of seats. Place the chip on the way to the goal.

Then the second player to die as it moves Checker, and the token. And the first player moves his listeners to the same number of seats, and the token.

The players continue to turn, creates two go at each shot.

A number of rules relating to the movement. You can check to check on their opponents, but not on the ground.

Your listener can not move from the board. For example, if you are in one of four places, and in the middle of driving six hours, you can not move. You're stuck.

Your auditor can not land on a chip left by the enemy. You can about your opponent's chip, but can not for the country. If you go to your opponent, you can not move. You're stuck.

You can play on a surface with a clean, but it should not be a second sign.

Whenever you get stuck, check your name on the score sheet. If a player has been blocked six times, the other player wins.

You can change the rules to compensate for fluctuations in the original game. You can move diagonally. Or you may decide that a player can not be symbolic of his opponent. Or you may decide that a player is not in itself a sign. Or you can choose how many units the player can be in 13 or you can create a player to "bounce" on the board of directors - on a sliding six, the player may have two fields on this page of the office, and four seats in the opposite direction.


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Puzzle Bobble

The idea is to join more than two balls together of the same color. When joined, the balls drop to the bottom of the screen. You also you clear the screen this way.

Game Instructions
Use your Arrow Keys to direct your shot while using the Spacebar to shoot.


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